Would Le Cat be reversible?

Once again, the artist takes us by surprise by revealing the interior of one of his sculptures. I must admit that doesn’t happen very often, does it? Well it does! Are we stupid: one can enter and visit the Statue of Liberty, that’s true.

But what else does this allegory reveal to us? That we should not rely on appearances. Let us put ourselves in the shoes of a visitor approaching the sculpture. First he arrives from the side and what does he see? A huge Cat opening his coat in front of the walkers. And what does he think? Here’s another goddamn pervert exposing himself to passers-by. Well no!

Le Cat’s not about that life! And those who know him know it. He’s far too refined to be able to get into that gritty, cheap humor. However, those who saw the sculpture from the front were moved by the symbolic. We all have a small bird that sings inside us. For some, it’s a nightingale or a canary, for others, an ugly big duck who sings out of tune.

This sculpture could have been different and, besides, there may be several versions. Instead of the singing bird, there could be mice playing Hamlet, a moving carnival carousel, a laser light show, a disco ball or, simply, a bartender serving pints to the visitors, as Geluck had imagined during a working session at the foundry in Alost.

‘I regularly use a cucumber mask then I eat it
Just in case it’s also good for inner beauty’