This statue was purchased by the city of Caen and a number of private sponsors from the city. It can be seen in front of the Memorial.

A homage to my murdered colleagues

This sculpture, inspired by ‘The Martyrdom of St Sebastian’, is very important for Philippe Geluck. He wanted to pay homage to his friends and illustrator-colleagues, and to all journalists who are the victims of repression or terrorism.

“This is how you measure freedom of speech:
As long as journalists can say that everything’s going badly, that is the proof that everything’s going fine”


And, beyond the appalling tragedy of January 2015, this statue is for every illustrator who is imprisoned, tortured or executed anywhere in the world.

The sculpture is an ode to freedom of speech, and to mutual respect among those who love freedom, tolerance, and fraternity.

“That is just so dumb… Letting kids play Cowboys and Indians next to such a beautiful painting”


“Hreedom hor hress hartoonists”